As companies in Africa grow and evolve, they will likely tohave increasing needs for addressing capital structure and financing arrangements. Often, existing management has not dealt with these kinds of issues, and, more importantly, it does not have the time or resources to address them.

Linkcoz’s experienced professionals are adept at independently reviewing and evaluating a company's financial situation in order to identify alternative approaches for management to consider in the context of the company's financing goals.

Linkcoz's funding advisory services are tailored to every client's specific needs.

Capital Raising

Linkcoz focuses its debt and equity capital raising services to companies seeking corporate finance solutions to a variety of objectives.

Linkcoz has relationships with commercial banks, regional and multi-lateral financial institutions and other senior credit providers, pension funds, and various mezzanine fund investors, as well as Private equity groups who have focus on Africa.

The market for private debt and equity capital is fragmented and constantly changing. Keeping abreast with these gives us an edge and can help all companies of all sizes

PE Ready

We also help to make the companies become Investment or PE ready by helping themt to prepare for all necessary things. Since the people involved have raised funds themselves, they know what investors are looking for.

Project Financing

We have been involved in various projects and are assisting financial institutions in evaluating some projects for viability and governance issues.
Project finance often involves a lengthy process of detailed disclosures (For example: information memoranda and financial models, lender due diligence, intense negotiations and complicated financial and security documentation) Linkcoz’s familiarity with this process ensures that our clients have the expert advice and support needed at every stage. This support begins with helping clients express and quantify their business concept in a project package suitable for potential development and commercial lenders.

Our established relationships and experience with such agencies allow us to structure and present each project so as to receive the most favourable treatment possible.

Trade Finance

Doing business across borders can be a complicated, frustrating and risky endeavour at times. Having an experienced trade finance specialist on your side can help ensure that your international transactions get the funding, insurance and detailed attention to proceed faster, easier and trouble-free.

Private Equity and Bank Financing

Private Equity and Bank Financing is a major source of funding for companies of all sizes in Africa and may be used for existing operations, expansion or acquisitions. In addition there may be requirements to refinance existing debt or to achieve turnaround objectives. Linkcoz’s professionals are experienced and well regarded for their ability to streamline this process and to act on behalf of its clients.

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