We are an international firm that is currently serving as an advisor to the leading banks and many companies in sub-Saharan Africa. We give our clients a helping hand, prioritise the options and focus on putting strategy into action.

Linkcoz will work as a partner to help your team achieves their goal and there are processes to track delivery and ensure there is sustainable growth.

Sustainable Business Growth

Businesses evolve over time and can sometimes be guilty of drifting management focus, living with inefficient complex structures and ignoring hidden costs. To re-charge, a new approach is required to: challenge the existing ways of working, identify Core versus Non-core activities and build an action plan to reach the next level.

Linkcoz will energise executive management to challenge their existing business model and assist with defining a clearer view on the future. Linkcoz works together with the business towards clear and well defined milestones agreed up-front.

Linkcoz will assist in: 

  • Rebuilding your business.
  • Translating your new growth strategy into action.
  • Aligning the organization to the growth strategy.
  • Installing greater organisational efficiencies.
  • Mentoring leadership to entrench ongoing sustainability. 

Measures and Analytics

Linkcoz will help by working with the leadership and senior management teams to:

  • Help build dash boards and analytics to run a business smoothly.
  • Develop a Turn-around Plan stressing action, responsibilities, an achievable time scale, and measurable performance, to help regain business focus, solve the vital problems, and ensure more long term growth.
  • Make an action plan to focus on growing cash flow and looking at lo hanging fruits.
  • Raise finance or restructure the balance sheet to ensure sustainable debt levels, repayments and a re-configured valuation of the business.

International Mergers & Acquisitions

We specialise in identifying targeted opportunities for buyers and identifying the best partners for sellers leveraging on our vast global and local network.

  • Once a transaction is done we focus on merger integration challenges.
  • Most failures in merger happen because of lack of proper Integration.

Our merger & acquisitions service enables client organizations to successfully merge operations through comprehensive merger management support - either before the merger takes place, or afterward, when the expected synergies have not been fulfilled.

We provide a flexible integration framework with a comprehensive and proven toolkit to support planning and implementation throughout the merger process to ensure value capture. Our approach allows entities to rapidly capture available sources of value by focusing on operational synergies, as well as seamlessly merging the organizations.

Cost Management

Cost management is on every CEO’s agenda today. Organisations face a challenging environment—slow down of growth in developing economies, increasing costs of inputs and volatility in prices of inputs (commodities), new competitors from emerging markets with fundamentally different cost positions, and customers’ increasing value consciousness. All of these changes are exerting pressures on an organisation's margins.

There will be an ever greater need to move beyond the traditional approach of undertaking functional initiatives for reducing cost to making strategic and fundamental changes to the organisation’s business model to achieve and sustain a cost advantage over competitors.

Presently Linkcoz is assisting a few Companies /banks/PE firms in:

  • Private/Retail banking
  • Diaspora banking
  • Feasibility studies
  • Transaction banking
  • Asian segment
  • Investment banking and brokerage presence in UK
  • Expansion in to other countries in Africa
  • Due Deligence
  • Improving efficiencies
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