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Africa is now universally recognised as the next big investment frontier after the ''BRIC' economies. Its abundant natural resources, solar potential, agricultural land and upwardly moving population, makes it as one of most attractive places in the world - the next frontier.

Although Africa has over a billion people, it is still severely under penetrated and execution is not easy. Another problem is that the growing continent is plagued with a perception of poor corporate governance and a lack of good people. The time for Africa has come, but most of the world hasn't realized it yet. Many Multinational companies already have record growth rates in Africa in almost all consumer products, but many other companies are watching from the sidelines, not knowing how to tackle the issues.

Linkcoz is trying to bridge this gap and market Africa to get more investors, attract more people, improve execution and make people and companies in Africa succeed.

Linkcoz comprises of professionals passionate about Africa who, among them, have over 100 years of senior execution experience working in various countries in Africa and around the world. We believe in migration of best practise and not reinventing the wheel.

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